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Our Brand

Perfectly Posh gives you permission to love yourself
unapologetically. Self care should be the foundation of
building the life you love. We believe that a hand crème
can encourage you to be hands-on in determining the
direction of your life, and that a bath bomb can provide
the escape needed to blow self-doubt out of the water.

That’s why Perfectly Posh is focused on creating quality-
made, affordable pampering products to remind you of how exceptional you are.
That’s the power of pampering!

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Our Products

Posh is where you go to find out how pampering it is when
good ingredients come together in fun and innovative
products—all at amazing prices. Whether you’re planning a
whole day of relaxation in an at-home spa, or you just need a
few minutes each day with a rejuvenating face mask or your
favorite deliciously scented hand crème, we have everything
YOU need to make yourself feel absolutely incredible.
Pampering is personal, and with all that Posh has to offer, you can create
the perfect experience that’s all your own.

Our Ingredients

Let’s face it, life’s too short to use bad ingredients.
That’s why we only include the best naturally based
ingredients from conscientious sources in our products. We
love things like shea and cocoa butters, essential oils, fruit
and botanical extracts. With our simple formulas, everyone
can create clean and effective routines they’ll look forward
to using every day.

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