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Start Selling Posh Products

Only $49.95 for an entire Year! 

  • This will include your personal website, and amazing back office! (most companies charge at least $10 a month for this)
  • NO SALES REQUIREMENTS (Yup, that’s right, no pressure!)
  • Get a 15% Upfront Discount on all your personal orders! (YES! because I need those Sleep Gummies!)
  • Earn 15% commission on all customer Orders to start.
  • As you sell more, You have opportunity to earn up to 30% commission

It’s so easy to start a fun, flexible Posh business.

Fun, flexible, pampering and paid right now. Perfectly Posh Consultants work together in a simple, social business sharing products they love with people they love. It’s simple, and fits YOUR schedule.

Posh Pays You Weekly

Perfectly Posh pays weekly for the previous weeks orders! This is awesome right?

I mean, bills come throughout the month, at least you can pay them as they come in by using your commission! 

We offer a compensation plan based on FULL RETAIL volume. 

It’s easy to love and share Posh:

  • We’re made with the BEST ingredients on the planet. No empty fillers. Loads of essential oils, and fruit and flower extracts
  • We don’t use mineral oils, lanolin, parabens, paraffins, or petrolatum
  • We’re never tested on animals, and only use gentle animal by-products like milk, honey, and beeswax
  • All of our products are made with the best ingredients on the planet and manufactured in the USA
  • Perfectly Posh is very affordable. You’ll be offering consumables people love and can afford

Life’s too short to use bad ingredients! Naturally Based Pampering

That’s why we only include the best naturally based ingredients from conscientious sources in our products. We love things like shea and cocoa butters, essential oils, fruit and botanical extras. With our simple formulas, everyone can create clean and effective routines they’ll look forward to using every day.

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