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Perfectly Posh Skin Sticks

We have heard about these, and they seem really cool and portable, but what exactly are they used for or on? 

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healer skin stickLife happens, so sometimes you have to pamper on the go. Skin Sticks™ are super portable and
made with the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, like shea butter, beeswax, and essential
oils. Check the info below to see how to use them.

As the first Perfectly Posh product, The Healer™ Skin Stick offers a lot to fixate over.
Its blend of shea butter, beeswax, and a touch of vanilla and orange essential oils pamper
you in tons of ways.


  • Lips –  Shea Butter helps to make your lips look and feel soft
  • Dry Patches – Shea butter helps soothe your dry skin while beeswax locks in moisture. 
  • Cuticles – Softens your cuticles for healthier looking hands


skin sleep stick by poshLet’s talk about the Sleepy Sleep Skin Stick Next – 

Sleepy Sleep™ Skin Stick has a big dose of
calming lavender and shea butter to help
soothe you to sleep and make
your dreams sweeter.

Temples & Pulse Points – Lavender helps calm your nerves and relieve tension before bed

Bottoms of feet – Promotes relaxation and restfulness all night long.


sleep calming skin

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